New cosmetic goodies added to WoW Pet Store

If you’re the sort of gamer who likes to spend money on objects that don’t actually benefit your in-game character but are actually kinda fun, Blizzard would like your coins, please. The publisher has today introduced some new bits and pieces to the World of Warcraft pet store, and they are all 100% cosmetic.

New helms for World of Warcraft

New helms for World of Warcraft

First off: Three helms, designed for Transmogrification. You can go for some flaming horns, a black hood with glowing eyes, or perhaps a Lich-King-like skull mask. Each works with every armour type, but does not bring any stats or restrictions to the party. (They do look pretty cool though, right?)

We’ve seen aesthetic additions before, but Blizzard‘s trying something a little different: Limited-use items that will evaporate after a certain period. They’re tucked away inside the pet store and re-introduce a bit of fun to the game.

You and up to 24 of your friends can sidle up next to the Iron Hitching Post and jump on your own Iron Warhorse mount. The best thing? This can be used inside Battlegrounds, which means that if you time it right (and get a bunch of your guildmates to join in), you can wage terror from the backs of ghostly steeds. Again: No real benefit to this, but it’ll up the flair a bit.

Upping more than flair is the Seesaw: Set this one up and then prepare to knock your friend off of their seat by slamming them into the ground. If you get tired of being the second party in this, summon Lunk the Ogre to launch your mate into the air. Like all good toys, this won’t do much for your ingame stats or skills, but it might make a few people giggle.

You can grab all of these things from the World of Warcraft Pet Store – the helms are there now and the toys are expected to be added later. Keep an eye out!

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