Rayman Legends now embracing PC as well

When we first heard about Rayman Legends, it was hailed as one of the most exciting third-party Wii U exclusives. That was more than a year ago. Since then, that “exclusive” status has been slowly fading, as extra console and handheld versions were announced. Today, the final blow: Rayman Legends is coming to PC, and we’re not complaining.

Rayman Legends draws on the successes of Rayman Origins and makes it better, adding new gameplay modes, environments, music, and even new characters. It’s all beautiful, created by the same award-winnign team of artists, designers and composers, and Ubisoft has put in the hard yards to improve the game’s lighting system and rendering.

It’s Rayman, turned up to the next level, and Ubisoft has made the decision not to chain the adventure to one platform. Instead, Rayman Legends is headed to Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS Vita, with the PC version rounding out the set. All versions will arrive on August 29th, 2013.

…and to celebrate the new announcement, if you pre-order the digital version of Rayman Legends for PC, you’ll get the digital PC version of Rayman Origins thrown in for free!

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