State of Decay comes to Australia (no, really)

Maybe we jumped the gun a little with the announcement that State of Decay was available in Australia recently. However, after that false start, Undead Labs has confirmed that the survival game really will be available today on Xbox Live Arcade in the land Down Under, after that little refused classification speedbump.

The team is reporting a launch time of 7pm AEST, but acknowledges a bunch of local gamers are gettin’ their zombie-huntin’ on already.

The official statement, via Facebook:

It will take time to propogate, and so even though some of you may see it at 5 PM AWST /7 PM AEST, it may take longer for everyone to see it. Tomorrow will be our official Australian release party.

Undead Labs was prompted to make subtle changes to State of Decay after the Australian Classification Board took offense at in-game drug use. A few quick updates and the game was back on the table, now without the illicit substances.

Australia is, apparently, the last country to get its hands on State of Decay, with the rest of the world jumping firmly on that bandwagon since June. The game is officially the “fastest selling original title” on the Xbox Live Marketplace, selling more than 500k units in its first week of release – we’re assuming the Australian version will move just as fast.

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