Sony making movie based on Gran Turismo

The producers behind the upcoming adaptation of 50 Shades of Gray have just picked up a new project: A film based on Gran Turismo. That’s… not something I ever thought I’d say, on a number of levels.

The new film is, predictably, a response to the success shown by The Fast and the Furious, with three major cinema companies all with their own fast car franchise. Now, it’s Sony‘s turn – and why look elsewhere, if you have a bunch of shiny vehicles in your own garage?

TheWrap reports a feature adaptation of the Polyphony Digital title is in the works, with Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti signed on to produce. Ignoring external factors, it’s an unsurprising game to make the leap to the big screen: Gran Turismo is the single biggest franchise in the PlayStation camp, selling more than 70 million copies worldwide across its lifespan.

…and if people like games with fast cars, they definitely like movies with them, too, as shown by Universal‘s The Fast and the Furious. Hot Wheels toys are getting a film from Legendary Pictures, while Dreamworks is also taking inspiration from video games – in this case, the in-production Need for Speed.

At this stage, no dates, plot concepts or other names have been attached to the project – but yes, a movie inspired by Gran Turismo is really happening.

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