The Sims 3 heads into the Future and the Movies

The next expansion for The Sims 3 has been announced, and where they’re going, they don’t need no roads. The Sims 3 Into the Future Expansion Pack is on track to arrive a little later this year, bringing with it all the flying cars, hoverboards and food synthesisers we can’t get our real-world hands on just yet.

Described, of course, as a “brave new world” for the Sims, the new expansion lets you travel hundreds of years into the future (and back again!). Visit your descendents, discover new technology, and learn how life has changed. More importantly – learn how you can change your life: Your actions in the present will have “surprising effects” on the future.

The expansion also adds Create A Bot mode:

Build and customize a variety of Plumbots and add them to your Sims’ household! Create unique trait chips that you can then use to program your Plumbots. With the ability to hold up to seven trait chips, these Plumbots are bound to act and behave in surprising ways. What would happen if you combined the Robonanny and Sinister Circuits chips?

…but that’s not all. EA has also unveiled the Movie Stuff pack for The Sims 3 – give your Sims a makeover with iconic movie genres like Western, Comic Book Blockbuster and Creepy Features. What story will you tell?

[img_big]center,6468,2013-07-24/ts3_moviestuff_western.png,The Sims 3: Movie Stuff[/img_big]

Stay tuned for more details on this one – the new content for The Sims 3 is due out before the end of 2013, as EA gets ready for the big reveal of The Sims 4 a little later this year.

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