5yo Mechwarrior fan memorialised by giant mech

The team at Mechwarrior Online has revealed the latest mech to be added to the game. A special edition JR7-D has been created to honour Sarah Parries, a 5-year old Mechwarrior fan who died from complications with inoperable brain cancer. Sarah’s Mech is now available for US$10, with all proceeds donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Sarah played the game with her dad Jon, and particularly loved the Jenner chassis, complete with streak SRMs so she could lock on to the baddies. She would spend hours speeding around the Inner Sphere with her dad, night-vision switched on and medium lasers blazing.

After her passing in May, Mechwarrior Online fans petitioned publisher Piranha Games to honour their fallen comrade (and raise some money for charity at the same time).

Community manager Niko Snow explains:

I would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the Community as a whole for their enthusiasm on this project.

The loss of Sarah was tragic: A young girl with such a bright future cut short, and her father who has faced the ultimate fear of every parent on earth. It is difficult for us to withhold emotion and pretend that cancer is not a constant threat to all those we hold dearest.

As a response to fan requests, Sarah’s Mech was created – and it was one of Sarah’s beloved Jenners. The new chassis is on sale from now until August 20th, and cannot be purchased with in-game currency, resold or refunded.

Mechwarrior Online - Sarah's Mech specs

All the details of Sarah’s Mech
(Click to embiggen)

Sarah’s Mech will be delivered to fans on August 23rd, and will be treated “as a regular JR7-D” when it comes to stat tracking and skill upgrades. However, it does come with a 10% XP boost per match played, so there’s some nifty perks as well as the warm fuzzies. (It also comes with its own Mech Bay, so you don’t need one of your own.)

If you would like to know more, head to the Mechwarrior Online website or check the Sarah’s Mech FAQ.

…good luck, mercs – in the words of Sarah: Get ’em Good!

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