Saints Row 4 appeals Aussie ban, confirms DLC

Deep Silver has officially re-submitted Saints Row IV to the Australian Classification Review Board in an attempt to have the game cleared for release Down Under. The controversial sequel was famously Refused Classification last month – effectively banned from sale or display in Australia – due to an alien anal probe and some in-game drug use.

This is not the “Australian Version” of the game that has been floating around the place, instead, Deep Silver has handed the original version to the Review Board, presumably with a note explaining why the alien anal probe weapon does not contribute to “interactive, visual depictions of implied sexual violence which are not justified by context”.

The Review Board will meet to discuss the topic on July 29th, and would like to hear from “interested parties“.

While one part of Deep Silver and Volition are working on keeping the Aussies happy, another team is working to keep the rest of the world happy, by announcing the first DLC pack for Saints Row IV.

Titled – wait for it – Enter the Dominatrix (sound familiar?), the DLC will be presented in a unique mockumentary-style, highlighting a number of features and scenes that have been cut from the game.

Volition creative director Steve Jaros explained at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend that the pastiche will contain a Bollywood-style dance number and a flying, fire-breathing dragon.

Polygon reports that Enter the Dominatrix is set to hit consoles around six weeks after Saints Row IV launches next month.

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