Animal Crossing boosts Nintendo share price

It seems like everybody loves Animal Crossing: New Leaf – and if they don’t, it’s just because they haven’t played it enough. The quirky little life-sim has seen 3DS handhelds popping up all over the place (on the streets, in meetings, in bars), and it seems it’s having a wider-reaching effect, too. Nintendo shares have risen sharply, and ACNL is being credited with the shift.

Bloomberg reports that shares are up 4%, closing yesterday at 14,050 yen – their highest since July 2011.

Of course, it’s not just the game that’s caused such an increased interest in Nintendo, but it’s certainly a contributing factor. The game is selling ridiculously well in its home country (where it was released earlier this year), and is expected to do just as well internationally, resulting in a significant increase in overseas income. The new Animal Crossing has already been labelled the strongest 3DS launch title since 2011.

Add this to the speculation that China may lift its long-time ban on games consoles, and Nintendo is poised for a big year.

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