Ultima Forever delayed (hopefully not that long)

Sad news for fantasy fans who want to get their fix on the go: The official launch of Ultima Forever has been delayed. The game is currently available in Canada, but the rest of us will just have to wait “a handful of weeks”, as the development team spends a bit longer tuning the economy and “wrangling performance”.

The official word comes from Gene Makely, Community Manager at developer Mythic:

The delay, as inconvenient and bothersome as it is, may actually prove to be somewhat providential, as we’re now also able to continue fine-tuning various game mechanics, and incorporate some of the feedback that has been obtained during our soft launch. Our development team has actively been listening to the feedback that has come our way, and are implementing certain changes into the game that are a direct result of that feedback!

As the name might suggest, Ultima Forever is the newest incarnation of the fabled Ultima franchise. While the original game was built 30 years ago for computers that took up most of a desk, Ultima Forever runs on a machine that fits in your pocket – and connects to a whole bunch of other tiny machines without wires.

Yes. It’s a online mobile RPG, and it’s more than a little bit exciting… which makes this wait even worse.

At this stage, no new dates have been announced for Ultima Forever, but we’ll keep you posted.

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