Spelunky adds Daily Challenges to PC relaunch

Spelunky is difficult enough, but it’s about to get even trickier, with the announcement of a new daily challenge mode set to kick in when the game launches on Steam next month.



Each day, a new level will be randomly generated, available for all players for 24 hours. Everybody is given just one chance to play each daily challenge – and once it’s gone, it’s gone!

One chance… each day. For guts… for glory. No excuses! Since everyone plays the same adventure during the Daily, you’ll be able to know for certain who’s the top Spelunky player in your tribe – we’ve already been having a great time competing against one another behind the scenes!

As well as those challenge-specific leaderboards, gamers who perform the best will be rewarded with beautiful treasure!

This is not the first time Spelunky has popped up on the humble PC. The game was originally created as a freeware PC title back in 2009. Three years later, a remix of the original popped up on Xbox Live Arcade and took the rogue-like world by storm.

Now that a PC version is again in the spotlight, we’re also promised a new Spelunky for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Keep an eye out “around the same time” as the PC re-launch.

(Please note: Spelunky will be available on multiple digital distribution networks, but if you want to get in on the Daily Challenge action, you’ll have to pick it up on Steam.)

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