Homeworld HD on the way from Gearbox

When Gearbox announced it had picked up the rights to Homeworld, fans weren’t sure what to expect. Now we know: A polished, revamped version of the original game is on the way. Homeworld HD was officially announced at PAX Australia over the weekend, and while details are still sketchy, gamers are getting a bit excited.

The original Homeworld


During the studio’s panel, bossman Randy Pitchford claimed the Homeworld acquisition was largely due to one man: Gearbox Vice President Brian Martel, who took to Twitter to update international fans on the announcement.

I might have just announced Homeworld HD in Australia at PAX AUS.

According to Randy and Brian, Gearbox was the only developer who placed a bid for the Homeworld series following the demise of THQ earlier this year. Another two bids came from unnamed publishers.

But this isn’t the only plan Gearbox has for the franchise! The original two games – 15-year old Homeworld and sequel Homeworld 2 will also see a new lease on life. Both games will be released digitally via Steam, the first time they’ve appeared on a digital distribution service.

For more details on Homeworld HD, stay tuned to Player Attack!

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