Rayman Legends gets 40 new levels from Origins

Rayman Legends may have been delayed, but it’s certainly not suffering from a few more months’ work. Not only are we getting the game on more platforms than the original Wii U exclusive, but Ubisoft has confirmed that 40 levels from last year’s Rayman Origins will be thrown into the upcoming sequel, making the new game pretty close to Rayman perfection.

Each of the old/new levels (including a couple of Tricky Treasure runs) have been revamped and polished to better suit the higher-quality graphics of Rayman Origins – and they’re all immediately accessible the first time you load up the game. Better yet: They’re not crucial to the completion of Rayman Legends – if you don’t want to play them all again, you certainly don’t have to.

Rayman creator Michel Ancel is also working with his creative team on a shiny new soccer-themed minigame for Legends. “Kung Foot” will let up to four local players (five on Wii U) control Rayman characters as they jump around, punch, block and kick a soccer ball in an effort to get it through the opposing goal.

While the Rayman series isn’t really known for its great, deep gameplay, Kung Foot has gone out of its way to be funny and aimless – it was originally an in-engine test designed for the dev team to blow off some steam. Apparently it worked out pretty well, so it’s now included with Rayman Legends straight out of the box.

We’ve been waiting a long time but it’s nearly here: Rayman Legends is due out on September 3rd for Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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