Surprise Attack: Australia's first indie publisher

Australia now has its very own independent game publishers, with Surprise Attack Games stepping into the spotlight. Founded nearly two years ago by ex-THQ staffer Chris Wright, the studio now plans to become a “new kind of game publisher”, and it’s already signed up three new titles.

Wright steps onto his soapbox on the official Surprise Attack Games website:

We believe we need a new kind of publisher in the games industry. We believe our job is to help lift up our developers not stand in front of them. We believe in our Australian games development community and that we have the potential to take on the best in the world.

Surprise Attack Games

Surprise Attack Games

Over the past two years, Surprise Attack has been working with local indie studios, promoting and distributing their games across the world, as well as securing funding and resources for fledgling developers.

Now, Surprise Attack Games has named its development partners, with three new games in the pipeline.

  • Burden, from Pixelpickle Games is a tower-defence game with a “living, moving battlefield” and a powerful storyline.
  • Particulars is in development at See Through Studios – a “unique combination of arcade action and puzzle gameplay” – set among subatomic particles.
  • Wolfdozer boasts survival destruction – “it’s GTA meets the Three Little Pigs”. Anomalous Interactive‘s disgruntled wolf steps into a giant bulldozer and proceeds to demolish Pigsville.

All three titles – and Surprise Attack Games – will be on show at PAX AUS this weekend. Expect plenty more news from this exciting studio very shortly – they’re not the sort of people to keep quiet about things.

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