State of Decay arrives in Australia, New Zealand

It took a while to be allowed into the country, but State of Decay has not hesitated in rushing onto the Xbox Live Marketplace for Australia and New Zealand. The game is available right now for 1600 Microsoft Points, so gamers Down Under can discover what all the fuss is about.

You can thank the Australian Classification Board for the delay – State of Decay breached the guidelines for an R18+ rating, by including drug use related to incentives or rewards.

A few simple changes – largely replacing “stimulants” with “supplements” – and the game was resubmitted, finally being granted an R18+ rating last week.

Today’s release sees Australia and New Zealand able to jump on the State of Decay bandwagon – alongside more than half a million other gamers. The game is one of the fastest-selling original games in Xbox Live Arcade history, and developer Undead Labs is already planning an MMO sequel.

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