Viscera Cleanup Detail takes a different approach

It’s been a long, drawn-out battle involving a ridiculous amount of firepower, alien weaponry and explosions – and more than a little blood spilled (in varying colours). Now that the humans have won, a single question remains: Who’s gonna clean up the mess?

…the answer: You are. It’s time for Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Indie studio RuneStorm held a developer-wide game jam to brainstorm some new ideas and keep creativity flowing, and the result was a game that puts you in the rubber boots of a space station janitor. The alpha version of Viscera Cleanup Detail was made in just 10 days, using the Unreal Development Kit.

Developers warn that the first-person sandbox title is still a “very early alpha prototype”, which is not perfect and may not resemble a completed game “at all”.

If you like the look of Viscera Cleanup Detail, though, you’re in luck. The Alpha Demo v0.1 is available right now from Player Attack. Play it a bit, see what you think, and if you’re still a fan, hop over to Steam Greenlight and pledge your allegiance (it’s free!).

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