Metro: Last Light gets first DLC next week

Metro: Last Light is lining up for its first serving of tasty DLC, with the Faction Pack bringing three new single-player missions to the game next week. Jump into the shoes of a new faction member – whether it’s the Redline, the Reich or the Polis – and get a new understanding of the world of underground Russia.

[img_big]center,8018,2013-07-11/Metro_LL_Faction_Pack_Screen_02.jpg,Metro: Last Light[/img_big]

Your choices are as follows:
Redline – As a Special Detachment Sniper, your job is to infiltrate a heavily guarded Reich Outpost. Making your job easier: It’s the middle of the night. Making it harder: There’s a deadly radioactive storm brewing.

Reich – You have been given some of the most devastating weaponry found in the metro, and – as a Heavy – it’s up to you to defend the Frontline.

Polis – Explore the vast Library complex for artifacts and relics as a Ranger in training. Exchange your salvaged goods for filters, ammunition and hazard suits – and explore deeper into the Library.

That should keep you busy for a while, but if you’re already looking to the future of Metro: Last Light, developer Deep Silver has also teased three more DLC packs for the future. Tower Pack features a new competitive game mode; Developer Pack has a new solo mission, a Shooting Gallery, an AI Arena and a Metro Museum; and the Chronicles Pack features three new single player missions – one each for Pavel, Khan and Anna.

[img_three]8018,2013-07-11/Metro_LL_Faction_Pack_Screen_06.jpg,2013-07-11/Metro_LL_Faction_Pack_Screen_04.jpg,2013-07-11/Metro_LL_Faction_Pack_Screen_07.jpg,(Click to embiggen)[/img_three]

So. Want it? The Faction Pack is out from July 16th on Steam, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network – but if you’d prefer, you can pick up the Season Pass for Metro: Last Light for US$14.99 / 1200 MSP, which will give you all four DLC packs plus the exclusive weapon, the Abzats.

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