Here 'tis: First-look Grand Theft Auto V gameplay

You wanted it, now you’ve got it: More than four minutes of glorious Grand Theft Auto V footage – all of it captured from the game itself, and absolutely none of it pre-rendered. Whatever you’re doing now can wait, you need to see this video right now.

As well as simply blowing everybody’s minds, this new trailer for GTAV also gives us a look at how to keep a hold on three characters and three separate storylines. While you’re playing as Michael, Franklin and Trevor are running aorund Los Santos with free will turned up all the way – just because you left them behaving like civilised adults doesn’t mean they’ll be anything of the sort by the time you check back.

Los Santos is, of course, a hyper-stylised version of Southern California: If you squint you’ll recognise a bunch of landmarks that aren’t quite as they are in the real world. The map, of course, is huge – the sort of thing that can handle action inside buildings just as easily as it throws up helicopter rides.

…and the best bit? You’ll be able to play the game your own way: If you want to be smart and stealthy, you’ll have a very different experience to someone who runs in, all guns blazing. And both, of course, will have the same Rockstar Games polish, so you won’t feel you’re missing out at all.

Mark your calendars and book your sick days early: Grand Theft Auto V is headed exclusively to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (there are still no plans for PC), on September 17th.

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