Japanese audiences to get free 3DS eBook reader

Finally, the 3DS is getting a (free!) eBook reader, thanks to a deal with major printing company Dai Nippon Printing. The software, revealed during the Tokyo International Book Fair, is designed for children, and is due out later this year for your Nintendo handheld.

Dai Nippon has been concentrating on its eBook business for years now, and explains to Siliconera that a large chunk of the 3DS userbase is grade-school children. The introduction of simple-to-read eBooks to the 3DS was a bit of a no-brainer.

An eBook on the Honto eBook reader

An eBook on the Honto eBook reader

Known as Honto, the software will be available – for free – for Japanese audiences before the end of 2013. It will feature children’s novels, picture books and even study material, published as in-game purchases for those who own the software. Each book will be categorised according to kanji reading level and the reader’s age, and sell for between 700 and 2,000 yen.

Dai Nippon has some big plans for Honto, providing more services using devices that kids (and families) already own – no need to buy new tablets or smartphones!

The best part: You really can read Honto like a book – adjust the font size to your liking, and then turn the 3DS on its side, to read each “page” horizontally.

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