Razer explains lack of PS3 support

In case you were wondering why peripheral manufacturer Razer doesn’t make accessories for your beloved PlayStation 3, it’s simple: Company CEO Min-Liang Tan just doesn’t share your enthusiasm for the platform.

Razer's Xbox 360 arcade stick - Atrox

Razer’s Xbox 360 arcade stick – Atrox

Tan explains that while he enjoyed playing inFamous on the Sony box, his console has “gathered a lot of dust” since. His statement came via Twitter:

One of the big reasons why we don’t make Playstation accessories is because I don’t really spend time with mine.

When accused of being selfish, Tan’s response was simple: He creates products that he actually wants “as a gamer”, rather than taking the materialistic approach of merely designing accessories that can be sold for the highest price.

…it’s also worth noting that Tan is only currently speaking about the PlayStation 3. Looking to the future, he says Razer will “definitely be looking at PS4”. Cross your fingers, folks: He’s not making any promises.

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