Final Fantasy VII comes to Steam

Gaming humour reached an all-new level today with the announcement that Final Fantasy VII has launched on Steam. Yes, it has cloud saves, har har. (Don’t get it? Well, y’see, the game’s main character is called, um, Cloud Strife.)

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, this is actually a pretty good day for JRPG fans – it’s the first time PC gamers can get into Final Fantasy VII without having to mess around with emulators. The slightly-revamped version of the game boasts a bunch of new content, so this is, perhaps, the definitive version of the game.

There are 36 achievements to unlock, and online profiling so you can compare your successes with your friends. Plus, there’s a nifty Character Booster which will get you out of awkward situations by raising your HP, MP and Gil levels to their maximum (sounds a bit sneaky, to me…).

Steam’s built-in cloud saves mean you can access your gaming data from any computer. At this stage, publisher Square Enix has not made any suggestions the game will be popping up on any extra distribution platforms, so if you want some FF7, you should probably head over to your Steam client and sign your life away.

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