World of Tanks tournaments celebrate July 4

In Australia, it’s July 4th already, and – for most of us – just another Thursday. In the United States, however, this Thursday is “kind of a big deal” – and World of Tanks wants to get in on the action. The best way to celebrate? Explosions, of course! Explosions and prizes!

Who needs fireworks when you’ve got tanks? Join us in rolling out this Independence Day with a boom! The 4th of July comes every year, but this weekend’s events and specials are anything but ordinary.

The tournament for Tier III through Tier X tanks offers a decently-big bundle of in-game cash for the winner.

You need a team of nine (seven players, two alternates). Each team is placed in a group and must play against every other team in the group – zero points if you lose, one point if you draw, three if you win. The winner of each group is, of course, the team with the highest score!

Each battle – using World of Tanks‘ Encounter mode – lasts 10 minutes, with a five minute break between rounds.

You are invited to register for as many tournaments as you like, but make sure you check the times!

Would you like to know more? Check the official website and sign up!

…meanwhile, if you’re not the kind who plays well with others, there’s still a bunch of World of Tanks events, prizes and bonus XP kicking off on July 4th at 4:30am PDT (What’s that in my timezone?), and running all the way until 4am PDT July 8th.

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