SimCity survey teases fan-favourite features

Check your inboxes, folks: It seems that Maxis may well want to know your thoughts on SimCity. A survey doing the rounds is asking all sorts of questions, touching on topics like terrain editing, leaderboards, an online content-sharing system, potential expansion packs and – wait for it – offline mode.

What would you like to see?

What would you like to see?

Yep. The defiantly online-only game seems to be assessing gamers opinions on whether or not offline would be a worthy addition to the city builder, potentially through a new “Classic” gameplay mode:

In offline or online mode, play a single fully functioning city using cheats and unlocks that allow you to create your perfect city.

The survey also hints at potential SimCity crossovers with The Sims, as well as bigger cities (twice the size of the current ones!), one-way roads and subways.

If you’re a SimCity fan and did not receive the survey (make sure you check your junk mail box!), a helpful Redditor has posted screenshots for your perusal.

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