Rockstar shows how big Grand Theft Auto V is

Grand Theft Auto V will – unsurprisingly – be kinda large. Rockstar has confirmed the game will have a mandatory hefty 8GB console install base, and will ship on two discs for Xbox 360.

Grand Theft Auto V is the largest and most ambitious game we have yet created, and takes full advantage of every ounce of processing power available in the current generation of consoles.

Ladies and gentlemen, Grand Theft Auto

Ladies and gentlemen, Grand Theft Auto

The news is part of the latest Asked & Answered, which focussed on the upcoming open-world project. Rockstar also confirmed that the game will contain a map to help find your way around.

As in all previous Grand Theft Auto games, we’ve made a point of including a map of the world to aid players in navigating the city. In all versions of GTAV, the game disc will accompany a map with all the details players will need to navigate the world. One big change though with this game is that with a world of this size, we created a double-sided map based poster to make sure players have all the information they might need to discover and explore the world. The blueprint map in the other editions does contain plenty of additional information and secrets on it.

With Grand Theft Auto V due out for PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 17 (“We don’t have anything to share about the possibility of a next-gen or a PC platform release at this time,”) more info can’t be far away. Stay tuned for more details on GTAV multiplayer – called Grand Theft Auto Online – we’re already promised an “incredible experience”, but we’ve not been given much more to go on.

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