State of Decay removes drugs for Aussie release

A week after State of Decay was officially refused classification in Australia due to in-game drug use leading to incentives or rewards, Undead Labs has tweaked the game a bit and submitted a new version to the Classification board.

The difference is simple, as Undead explains on Facebook:

Australians, I can OFFICIALLY tell you that the special edition of the game is now in the hands of your review board. Stimulants out! “Supplements” in! Who could possibly not like vitamins? They’re good for you. Anyway, we’re feeling pretty optimistic about our chances.

This is, of course, a pretty similar approach to the one taken by Bethesda when faced with a Refused Classification ruling for Fallout 3 over the inclusion of ingame “morphine”. A simple modification saw the substance renamed “Med-X” and the game received an MA15+ rating without question.

Here’s hoping the same applies to State of Decay – the second game in Australia to be Refused Classification under the new ratings scheme which came into place in January.

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