Ubisoft hacked: Change your passwords

Members of Ubisoft‘s Uplay system have received emails today suggesting (firmly) that they change their passwords used for the service. That is – if you’ve ever used Ubisoft‘s digital distribution, multiplayer, rights management platform, change your password as soon as you can. To put it simply: The service has been hacked.


Someone other than Aiden from Watch_Dogs may have your password

Turns out some ill-meaning folks gained unauthorised access to an unnamed Ubisoft website, meaning they’ve (potentially) gotten their grubby paws all over a bunch of Uplay account names, email addresses and (encrypted) passwords.

The publisher explains that it “instantly took steps” to close off the unauthorised access, kicking off a thorough investigation with “relevant authorities, internal and external security experts”. Any compromised systems are currently being restored.

During this process, we learned that data were illegally accessed from our account database, including user names, email addresses and encrypted passwords. No personal payment information is stored with Ubisoft, meaning your debit/credit card information was safe from this intrusion.

Head to the official website to change your password – and it’s also recommended that if you use the same (or similar) passwords on other sites, you probably want to change those as well.

An official forum thread has been set up to handle any questions.

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