True Blue: Mad Max to feature Aussie accents

When we first got a glimpse of Mad Max at E3, one thing didn’t sit well with fans. Max didn’t speak properly. Now, developer Avalanche Studios has reassured everybody: Max will have an appropriate Australian accent when the game launches next year. Hooray!

The news comes via Avalanche studio head Christofer Sundberg on Twitter:

Attn. fans who want Max to have an Aussie accent in #MadMaxGame : It shall be so. We admire your loyalty. You have been heard.

Skeptics will pick one obvious fault in Sundberg’s tweet: “Aussie accent” doesn’t necessarily mean “Aussie actor” – and goodness knows we’ve seen some terrible attempts in our time.

Fingers crossed that we get someone with a genuine voice (we’re not saying we want Mel Gibson back, that’d just be silly) – but this is still a step in the right direction, particularly as Avalanche had determined their vision for Mad Max well before E3.

Thank you, Christofer and Avalanche – you’re a bunch of bonza blokes (and sheilas!).

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