The Walking Dead gets 400 Days DLC this week

That noise is the next batch of content for The Walking Dead, shuffling closer and closer. Telltale has been teasing us for a while now, but we can confirm: The Walking Dead: 400 Days will hit virtual shelves later this week!

Titled 400 Days, the DLC will feature five new characters in five separate stories, all linked up through a truckstop close to where the first season finished up.

The new content – which fills the gap between the just-finished Season One and the upcoming Season Two – will hit PC and Mac via Steam (and equivalents) on July 3rd. Xbox Live will be updated on July 5th, while PlayStation Network gets its fix on July 10th. If you’re a portable gaming fan, the iOS version will also be updated – check the App Store on July 11th.

In an interesting move, you do not have to have all five episodes of The Walking Dead Season One in order to check out the new content. Instead, simply owning the first episode is enough… but remember that large chunks of The Walking Dead storyline are based on choices you’ve made earlier, so the experience is somewhat ruined by jumping in midway through.

…by the same token, if you want to carry on to Season Two, you’re advised to check out 400 Days – choices you make here will be carried into the future, too.

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