Darkspore abandoned, pulled from Steam

Months of server problems have caught up with EA‘s sci-fi action role-player Darkspore. The game has been officially pulled from Steam, with developer Maxis admitting it has officially been abandoned.


Adding fuel to certain fires, Darkspore is a victim of its own DRM – the game has always required an internet connection even when in singleplayer mode.

When the EA servers are busy and connections fail, the game is unplayable. Instead, fans are faced with Error 73003, a message that is becoming more and more prevalent since it was first recorded nearly 12 months ago.

The official statement regarding Error 73003: “Error has gone unfixed. Likelihood of it being fixed is zero.”

Now, Darkspore is also plagued by another bug: Error Code 3, which is reportedly server-wide and impacting on everyone trying to log in to the game.

Comments in the game’s official forums explain:

From what I have seen myself, and heard from other players, is that this error prevents you form editing your heroes and also form activating new heroes. The error is not just me, but everyone on the servers, also it affects Steam and Origin users alike. Any ideas would be really appreciated, as this error basically prevents you from advancing without being in a party with high level players. I don’t know when the earliest report of this error was, but it hasn’t stopped once since I first got it. I saw a player who just bought the game, but couldn’t activate their third hero because of error code 3, and so he couldn’t play at all.

At this stage, Darkspore is still available to purchase from Origin, despite the clear announcement on its official forums:

Darkspore is no longer developed.
It is for almost all intents & purposes an abandoned title.

Buyer beware.

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