Microsoft denies plans for Xbox games on iPhone

Those pesky “translation errors” are being blamed for a particularly exciting story doing the rounds this week. Unfortunately, Microsoft has officially denied rumours that PC and console games were headed to iOS and Android, which means that pocket edition of Age of Empires is sadly nothing but a dream.

Age of Empires

Age of Empires

The story originally started with Japanese studio Klab announced it was working with Microsoft to create a version of Age of Empires for mobile devices – including iOS and Android as well as Windows Phone.

When questioned on the matter, Microsoft responded that it did not have plans for further mobile games beyond Age of Empires at this time.

According to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, however, what that statement should have said is that MS has no plans for any mobile games outside of its key platforms (that is, Windows Phone and tablets).

Confronted on Twitter, Spencer responded:

The article is a translation error, we are not bringing XBOX games to non-MS devices.

…it is unclear then why Microsoft‘s official, English-speaking sources responded the way they did. Surely if nothing was in the works they’d have just said so – or refused to comment o “rumours and speculation”?

Stay tuned.

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