What is Valve doing with this Half-Life 2 update?

Valve are currently giving gamers heart palpitations, with the release of a large and mysterious update for Half-Life 2. Official announcements suggest the patch is nothing more than a few localisation files, but more than a few fans suspect something bigger is at play.

What are you not telling us, Mr Freeman?

What are you not telling us, Mr Freeman?

It all started with a download. Some reported the size as a whopping 3.7GB, while others claim it’s a (still sizeable) 500MB. An announcement stated the new data was simply Korean, Portuguese and Thai localisations, and nothing to pay much attention to.

It seemed an unusually large update for something so comparably trivial, but we were prepared to accept the news, particularly as we had the evidence to back it up.

Then fans started reporting the game was loading in Korean, regardless of personal settings.

Then, Steam Support posted to Twitter:

WARNING: The most recent HL2 update has some issues. We’re working to fix this, you can pause the update for now. 예측하지 못한 결과에 대비하라…

…the Korean text (helpfully translated by Google) reads simply “Prepare for unexpected results.”

Perhaps yesterday’s hint wasn’t for the Steam Summer Sale as we’d first thought…

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