Arma 3 kicks off logistics-heavy beta testing

Arma 3 edges ever-closer to release with the launch today of the game’s eagerly-anticipated beta. Focussing on military logistics and heavy firepower, this one’s a bit different than what you might expect, but it does show off the diversity featured in the latest in the Arma franchise.

Jay Crowe is Creative Director on Arma 3:

The Beta is a big opportunity for us to involve more players in Arma 3’s development and is the next step along the road towards our full release. With a variety of new singleplayer and multiplayer scenarios and a whole bunch of new sandbox content, we’re looking forward to introducing players to what true combined arms combat really means in Arma 3.

The new release is built on the back of the playable Arma 3 Alpha, with plenty more stuff thrown in. You get the island of Stratis, plus 18 vehicles, 20 weapons, 3 factions, 8 showcase missions, 4 challenges, 4 multiplayer scenarios, the scenario editor and – wait for it – modding support.

If you are one of the lucky ones who took part in the Arma 3 Alpha, you’ll be included in the Beta test with one simple Steam update.

On the other hand, if you weren’t in the Alpha test and want to jump right in, then head over to Steam or and hand over your money – the Beta version will upgrade to the full retail game when it’s ready!

If you’re on the fence about this, let me point out one thing: The regular Arma 3 Beta will set you back less than AU$50 (less than AU$65 for the Digital Deluxe Edition). That is, as long as you buy them now, in Beta mode. Waiting until the full version is released will get you a game with fewer bugs, but you’ll have to wait for it to launch, and – more importantly – the price will increase for the launch of the full game. Bear that in mind.

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