Remember Me gets ebook prequel out today

Remember Me hit shelves earlier this month, but if you can’t get enough memory hunting and cyberpunk goodness, there’s another way to get your fix. Remember Me: The Pandora Archive is an e-book exclusive prequel to the game, and it’s available right now for your preferred device.

Remember Me: The Pandora Archive

Remember Me: The Pandora Archive

Scott Harrison, novelist, scriptwriter and editor has taken up writing duties on this one, given the task of fleshing out Nilin’s history. The Pandora Archive takes place several months before the start of the game, so a few of those mysteries can start to be unravelled early.

When a series of devastating bomb blasts rock Neo-Paris, former memory hunter turned Errorist, Trix, is blamed and it is reported that she was acting on orders from the Errorist group—a supposed ‘first in a series of decisive blows’ against the Memorize Corporation.

In response, a S.A.B.R.E. force squadron is mobilized for a retaliatory assault into Slum 404.

However, before her arrest she manages to send a coded signal back to the Errorists. Unable to decode the warning, Nilin visits the Architect, an aging tech expert, who is her only hope.

We’re promised a “white-knuckle ride through Neo-Paris”, perfect for fans of cyberpunk futures, subterfuge, betrayal and intrigue.

Remember Me: The Pandora Archive is available right now across the world through the usual vendors (check Kindle, Kobo and Google Play), while Remember Me is able to be picked up for Xbox 360, PS3 or PC.

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