Valve hints at Steam Summer Sale very soon

Check your calendars, it’s just about time for one of the biggest annual events in gaming. No, not E3, that one’s been and gone. I’m talking about the Steam Summer Sale, which notoriously sneaks up on unsuspecting wallets and attacks with great vengeance.

Now, Valve has not revealed any concrete dates for the sale just yet, but a recent announcement has fueled rumours that it’s coming up very soon.

Counter-Strike: GO trading cards

Counter-Strike: GO trading cards

The hint was tucked away into an announcement about the brand new Steam Trading Cards system.

Following a super-successful beta test, the new functionality will be rolled out on Wednesday. The team’s still working furiously behind the scenes, iterating existing features and creating new ones (like the oft-promised Trade Offers and Card Binder), but there’s no reason to keep things under wraps any longer.

Right now, cards are available for Don’t Starve, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2, Portal 2 and Half-Life 2, and we’re promised a handful of new Trading Cards for several games when the program launches this week.

Steam developer John Cook says the magic words:

Making trading cards available to all Steam users is a step towards an event we think everyone can be excited about…

If that’s not the Summer Sale on the horizon, then yes, John, we’re very excited to see what it is.

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