New 3DS software update focuses on StreetPass

Nintendo has been busy behind the scenes working on the latest downloadable update for 3DS. The new firmware focusses almost totally on StreetPass functionality, adding four new StreetPass-enabled games accessible through the Plaza.

Make sure you're StreetPassing a good Mii!

Make sure you’re StreetPassing a good Mii!

First off, there’s StreetPass Squad, which sees you able to blast your way through a scrolling space shooter, with your StreetPass pals by your side. StreetPass Garden needs StreetPass visitors to pollinate the beautiful flowers. Things get a bit medieval with StreetPass Battle, which sees warlords “clashing” as they each try to rule the world… but StreetPass Mansion returns to a relaxed state: Design and explore your own multilevel mansion, with additional rooms and hallways distributed via StreetPass.

Each of these four games has accomplishments, and each of those unlocks cool stuff, like full-body outfits and the ever-popular hats.

Of course, there are some other tweaks tucked away in the update, too – notably, the ability to back up and restore your save data from most downloadable 3DS and Virtual Console games.

To grab the latest update for your 3DS, just jump online with your console and the changes will install automatically!

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