Zynga Partners to publish Eden to GREEN

You’d be forgiven for not remembering iNiS. Since creating the amazing Elite Beat Agents and Gitaroo Man, we haven’t heard much from the studio outside a handful of iOS games, the Lips series for 360, and The Black Eyed Peas Experience. Now, the developer is back, with a new spin on the tower defense genre.

We first saw Eden to GREEN this time last year, when we checked out the NVIDIA Tegra 3 technology at E3 2012. Back then, it was Eden to GREEEEN, but the past twelve months have seen the game drop the extra vowels and pick up a new publishing partner.

Eden to GREEN is best described as a tower offense game, as you pick and place plants against a robot attack. It’s free to play, but if you want to grab some in-game gems fast, you can fork over real world cash.

As for that new publisher – it’s one we didn’t expect. Eden to GREEN is now available for both iOS and Android, thanks to the publishing might of Zynga Partners.

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