Antichamber releases twin soundtracks

Antichamber is currently on sale on Steam for 50% off, bringing the experimental puzzler down to just $10 in many regions. It’s not just the game on sale either: Two soundtracks for the game are also now available, for 20% off.



The non-Euclidean indie game was released in January 2012, but developers waited a while before releasing both soundtracks.

The first – a nine-track effort from composer Siddhartha Barnhoorn is available for $6, featuring music from the game itself.

An additional intriguing release comes from Robin Arnott, the game’s sound designer – Meditation Walk With Antichamber will set you back just $4.

If you’d prefer to continue saving money, head to Arnott’s BandCamp page and pick up both records as a special double pack. This way, you can enjoy Antichamber even when you’re away from your PC!

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