18 What's New Pikachu?!

Well, it’s that magical time again, Nintendo’s talking more about the upcoming Pokemon X and Y! Being the well adjusted individual that I am, I responded by throwing my hands in the air whilst running around and repeatingly yelling “yes!” until my lungs collapsed.

Upon regaining consciousness, I compiled all the best bits from the Pokemon E3 Nintendo Direct conference and popped them right here for y’all, in numerical order none the less.

1) For the first time in 14 years Nintendo have added a new Pokemon type, Fairy! Nothing yet on its weaknesses but it’ll be super effect against the arguably O.P Dragon-type, which up until now was only weak against Ice and themselves. The first Pokemon to be announced as Fairy-type are Jigglypuff, Marill, Gardevoir and the new Eevee evolution Sylveon.

2) New types of battle modes have been announced, Horde and Sky Battles! Now when you’re haphazardly traipsing through tall grass, looking for cute monsters to rough up, you might get more than you bargained for when you’re jumped by up to 5 Pokemon at once. These Horde battles will net you more exp but add a new element of unpredictability to random battles.

Sky Battles are special events triggered by certain trainers you’ll find throughout the new region. These battles can only be entered by flying and some ghost and dragon-types and will feature more dynamic camera angles as the skyward action plays out.

3) Last but not least, Nintendo have added a new way to bond with your bestest Pokemon buddies, Pokemon-Amie. In this mode you can interact with your battle hardened critter with the 3DS stylus, improving their happiness by feeding them treats, copying their actions and scratching them behind the ears. Other than being the best way to show off how hip you are on the bus, it’ll probably effect such things as evolution rates and the effectiveness of certain moves like Return.

And that’s the the recent Pokemon news in a nutshell and just remember ‘Gotta Catch ’em All!’

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