18 The Last Guardian Still In Production

Despite remaining silent on the title for the past four years, it looks like Team Ico is still working hard away on The Last Guardian. Insert cheers and tears of joy here!

At TGS 2009, Team ICO, developers of critically acclaimed Shadow of the Colossus and Ico, unveiled the beautiful cinematic trailer for their upcoming game The Last Guardian. Every frame was painstaking laced with the developer’s signature style, showcasing fantastic visuals and a unique relationship between a young boy and a mythical chimera-esque creature.

The general consensus was an unequivocal “Holy crap! I can’t wait to have this in and around my PS3!” and we were told to wait patiently till next year for more. However, next year came and there was no Last Guardian, nor the year after that and again nothing in 2012. It seemed that we were doomed to never know the feeling of making a child traverse a derelict temple with a 3 tonne mythical beast in tow, and that, my friends, was very depressing indeed.

However, all is not lost!

Yesterday in an interview with Kotaku, President of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida was quoted as saying:

The game is in active development. [Fumito] Ueda-san shared updates a few months ago. Nothing has changed. My answer is, ‘Yes, the game is in active development.’ It’s not hiatus at all. But we are not ready to reintroduce it. When we are ready, we will do that. Please wait.

Oh, I’ll wait Ueda-san, and I’ll even fake a smile too…

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