18 Killer Instinct is Back on Xbox One!

Killer Instinct, one of the most ridiculously fun and over the top fighters ever made, has been resurrected by RARE and Double Helix Games. Shown in all it’s glory at Microsoft’s E3 press event, Killer Instinct seems to have undergone some rather noticeable changes since we last saw it in 1996.

Looking heavily inspired by Capcom’s Street Fighter IV, in both it’s faster paced gameplay and brighter visual aesthetics, this is definitely a whole new beast for a whole new generation and that’s a good thing!

Unfortunately, as has been the case with gamers and Microsoft lately, there are some lingering doubts, this time regarding Killer Instinct‘s F2P model. IGN reported that the game will be a day one, digital only release on Xbox One and the ninja Jago will be free but every other fighter, new and returning classics, will have to be purchased separately for an undisclosed cost.

Here’s hoping that this game will still turn out an Ultra Combo instead of a C-c-c-combo Breaker.

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