New Super Smash Bros character announced!

Among Nintendo’s announcements at E3 this year was a new addition to their Super Smash Bros franchise.  While the game is coming to the 3DS and the Wii U, the BIG news was on the revelation of the first new fighter, Capcom’s Megaman.

The Blue Bomber was the focus of the new Super Smash Bros Trailer:

Megaman, who originally came to prominence in a series of games for the NES in 1987  has starred in over 50 games across several Nintendo platforms.  His apprentice in the Smash Bros franchise, essentially throwing Nintendo’s most popular characters into an arena and making them fight, makes a lot of sense.  Like Solid Snake and Sonic before him, Megaman often pops up in the arguments this game was meant to resolve.

Throughout the trailer Megaman can be seen using several of his bosses weapons (The Metal Blade sticks out) and his robot dog Rush to pretty much DOMINATE the field.  No word yet to a release date.

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