18 World of Tanks coming to X360

While most eyes today were on the new Xbox One, Wargaming came out swinging for the current-gen consoles, announcing World of Tanks for Xbox 360. The new version will be optimised for Microsoft’s current console and will arrive later in the year.

Victor Kisly, Wargaming head honcho, explained to the assembled masses at today’s Xbox Media Briefing:

When we thought about which console platform delivers the best world of tanks experience. Xbox 360 and the 48 million member Xbox live community were the perfect match. World of Tanks provides team-based 15-on-15 player armoured warfare where you take the drivers seat of the world’s most powerful tanks.

We have worked hard to adapt and tailor the World of Tanks experience to Xbox 360.

Neither Microsoft or Wargaming made any mention of the game coming to Xbox One, rather, both highlighted World of Tanks as a new release for an aging platform.

World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition is due out in just a few months. Stay tuned!

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