Interplay picks up FreeSpace IP for next to nothing

Ever wondered how much it’d cost to buy a classic gaming franchise? Not copies of the games, but the actual intellectual property itself? Today’s answer: US$7,500 – that’s how much Interplay paid for the rights to the FreeSpace series.

The original FreeSpace

The original FreeSpace

The franchise was being sold off as part of the THQ bankruptcy settlement, and Interplay saw an opportunity. The publisher snapped up the rights to the combat space sim from THQ and Volition for a bargain price, according to court documents.

Interplay has long been associated with FreeSpace – publishing both the original game and its sequel in the late 90s. Soon after that, THQ purchased developer Volition, snagging the gaming rights with it.

When Koch Media bought Volition earlier this year, it didn’t want the FreeSpace games, so the IP has been in limbo for months.

Now though, it looks like it’s safe and sound with a publisher who understands the importance of the franchise – so there may well be more FreeSpace in our future!

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