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June 11-13, 2013

Last week, we started on a journey, with the first half of our history of E3. We head off to the L.A. Convention Centre next week, so we decided to take a look at the process that got us here.

While Microsoft spent E3 2006 showing off second-generation software for the Xbox 360, BioShock, and Mass Effect – and Sony focussed on Heavenly Sword, Warhawk and other games that highlighted the PS3’s graphical capability, Nintendo popped up out of nowhere and stole the show with a little title named Wii Sports.

But while we focus on the facts, and discuss the big successes to come out of E3 over the years, Jimmy’s collated a list of the biggest fails – and he has the second half of his Top Ten E3 failures, on Aurora Friday night.

It was finally revealed at the 2009 E3 that Project Natal – officially renamed Xbox Kinect – was ready to go! The demonstration was impressive. That is, at first it was impressive.

The on-screen avatar was moving in the same way the presenter was, and then creative director Kudo Tsunoda decided to show off.

All that, plus the latest in gaming news and fun giveaways!

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