State of Decay delayed Down Under

Gaming fans around the world have been getting very excited about a brand new open world zombie survival horror game. That is, except for gaming fans in Australia. State of Decay has apparently been caught up in the local classification process, leading to unspecified and unexpected delays.

A public statement reads simply:

Australia, I am so sorry. We cannot ship to you tomorrow. We are still waiting for the Australian Ratings Board to certify the game, and unfortunately we have no control over their response time. As soon as we hear, we’ll be shipping to you with the next game update. We will not leave you behind if we can help it!

Despite how it may seem on the surface, this likely has nothing to do with the content of the game. Australia’s R18+ adults only rating means that even something involving the shuffling undead will get through the Classification Board, if it’s given enough time.

Publishers typically submit games to the Board well in advance, to ensure situations like this do not happen – and while developer Undead Labs is a relative unknown, State of Decay is being published by Microsoft, who should know better.

It is also unclear if there will be any lag between the game being certified and then being released onto Xbox Live. At this stage, it seems unlikely anyone in Australia will be able to buy State of Decay until next week.

…if you live just about anywhere else in the world (except Germany, which is experiencing a minor ratings board hiccup, and South Africa, which has its own set of problems), you can grab State of Decay right now on your Xbox 360. It’s headed our way on PC too, but we don’t yet have a timeframe.

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