Murdered: Soul Suspect reveal gets personal

Square Enix has taken the wraps off of its next game, and this time, it’s personal. MURDERED: Soul Suspect takes a different approach to the action/adventure genre – Ronan O’Connor isn’t just investigating strangers’ deaths. He’s out to solve his own murder.

You play as O’Connor – “a detective with a chequered past” – whose life has been snuffed out by a merciless killer. With some unfinished business tethering him to this world, O’Connor is unable to move on, and finds himself stuck in the limbo world of Dusk. In order to proceed to the afterlife, he must bring his killer to justice.

Easier said than done, of course. While O’Connor has discovered a bunch of new supernatural abilities, there’s more than a few drawbacks to being dead. He’s free to explore the town of Salem, Massachusetts (where else?), but is unable to communicate with the living detectives. His fellow ghosts, on the other hand… Interrogate Salem’s past citizens to put the puzzle pieces back together, read the minds of the living and influence their thoughts and actions. Plus, of course, try to keep the demonic spirits at bay – they’re after your soul.

We first heard about MURDERED: Soul Suspect back in February, and haven’t heard much since. Now though, it’s shaping up as one of Square Enix‘s key titles at E3 next week, and we’re really looking forward to checking it out. At this stage, we don’t know too many details, but there is a persistent rumour that Crystal Dynamics, the developer behind the recent Tomb Raider reboot is also working on this one.

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