Lionhead launches brand new Fable forums

In case you’d forgotten, E3 2013 kicks off next week in California, so it’s about time for the traditional hints and teases to start sneaking out. Today’s example comes from developer Lionhead Studios, who has unexpectedly launched a brand new bunch of Fable-related forums.

Sign up to the forums within the first two weeks of launch, and you’ll be granted with a virtual Founders’ Medal – and to do that, all you need is your Xbox Live ID.

[img_big]center,8047,2012-03-05/Gabriel_Attack.jpg,Fable: The Journey[/img_big]

Have you been longing for a place to hang out with like-minded Fable fans? A place to share your knowledge and passion for the series? A place where those in pursuit of poultry are never frowned upon and a realm where a bout of flatulence won’t draw disapproving glares?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above then you’ll be excited to hear that today we’re launching our brand new Fable forums!

…we last heard from the franchise last October, with Fable: The Journey not doing quite as well as anticipated. It’s unlikely that these new forums will be limited to discussing past titles, even if there seems to be nothing new here just yet.

Lionhead is, of course, owned by Microsoft, and Microsoft does have a brand new console it’ll be showing off next week, so… dust off your map, looks like we’re headed back to Albion.

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