Harmonix teases: Big reveal tomorrow

Big news is on the way from Harmonix, who has promised us a brand new game announcement tomorrow. The studio – best known for focussing on one style of game – tells fans in the same breath that the new one is “not Rock Band or Dance Central“.


Nobody knows…

Specifically, via Twitter:

Harmonix is announcing a new game tomorrow (it’s not @RockBand or @Dance_Central). Stay tuned for the exciting news!

Twelve months ago, Harmonix announced in a podcast that it was working on “three and/or more” new games, but refused to discuss the matter further beyond hinting that not all would be music or rhythm games. Since then, we’ve seen Harmonix hiring for new positions on “unannounced AAA projects”, asking for staffers with experience in landscape-based or open-world development.

The timing – a week before E3 – suggests that Harmonix will be showing off the new game in Los Angeles, so while we might not know much now, that won’t last.

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