Conker's Bad Fur Day gets dev commentary

Conker’s Bad Fur Day has been popping up around the place a bit recently, sparking suggestions that Nintendo‘s most bizarre choice of mascot may be preparing for a comeback. The latest evidence on the pile? Three ex-Rare developers have gotten together to produce a six-part commentary series about the game – the developer’s final title for the Nintendo 64.

Designer Chris Seavor is joined by programmers Shawn Pile and Chris Marlow – and, as you might expect, there’s a little strong language tucked away in this presentation (found by Retro Gaming AUS). If you’re familiar with the character of Conker, you must already know his creators aren’t exactly the shy, retiring type – so maybe don’t watch this one at work.

The six part series is posted on YouTube – here’s the first episode for you:

In recent weeks, we saw developer Chris Seavor has confirmed that he’s working on a game for Wii U, while everybody’s favourite foul-mouthed squirrel made an appearance in last week’s Player Attack history of E3.

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