Rising Storm: 64-person FPS action in the Pacific

Tripwire Interactive, the team behind Red Orchestra are proud to release the next game in the military shooter franchise. Rising Storm takes Red Orchestra-style action to the WWII Pacific Theatre – the US Army and Marine Corps are taking on the Imperial Japanese Army, in some large-scale, multiplayer combat.

Scrapping the Red Orchestra 2 prefix, Rising Storm is stepping out on its own, as a complete standalone expansion for the original game promising all-new multiplayer action. You don’t need Red Orchestra 2 to play, but there are some benefits if you’ve got it.

Key features:

  • Large Scale Multi-player Combat in The Pacific: Take part in the brutal fighting in the Pacific online with up to 64 players at a time.
  • Iconic Battles: Experience iconic battles such as Iwo Jima, Saipan, and Guadalcanal as the US military struggles to clear the Japanese from the islands in the Pacific.
  • Asymmetrical Gameplay: Far from the mirrored gameplay seen in other shooters, both sides utilize historical weapon sets and each has unique gameplay capabilities. American firepower is matched by Japanese ferocity and guile with such features as banzai charges, booby-traps, the infamous “knee mortar” and more. This creates a unique gameplay experience that can’t be found anywhere else.
  • WWII weaponry redefined – again: all of the weapon functionality you expect from the franchise returns – true to life ballistics, bullet penetration, breathing, adjustable sights, free aim, weapon bracing, and more, create WWII weaponry that has no equal. To that add over 20 new weapons including the devastating flamethrower and the portable “knee mortar”.
  • Morale: Your soldier’s state of mind plays a bigger role than ever. Banzai charging Japanese soldiers can heavily suppress the Americans making it difficult to return fire and allowing the Japanese to close the distance. The Americans can use their firepower advantage to suppress their enemies and gain the advantage!

…but wait. Rising Storm is an all-new game, but you’re still going to be rewarded if you’re a fan of the earlier Red Orchestra 2. All the RO2 multiplayer content is thrown in with Rising Storm as a free bonus – so if you get sick of fighting in the Pacific, you can find yourself in the Eastern Front with just a few clicks. All the same game, all the same server browser.

Plus: You’ll get 25% off of Rising Storm if you already own Red Orchestra 2 – and there are plenty of update packs already in the works, to add extra (free!) content to both games. Looks like your weekend’s sorted, then.

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