SimCity sets new Amusement Park destination

Just last week, we saw a bunch of SimCity content “arrive too early at the gate“, signalling the game’s first batch of DLC was on the way. Today, we have all the details about the in-game Amusement Park content, which gives fans the opportunity to customise and build their own theme parks.


Players can create a park that elicits memories from yore with classic-themed rides, or set their Sims on an adventure with thrill-seeking rides. Content includes Ferris Wheels, roller coasters, go-kart tracks and more. Released in last week’s Update 4.0, the free new map, Edgewater Bay, offers players a stunning backdrop to plan out their theme parks. Along with the new content there are five new missions to play through and will offer new gameplay for those players who want to master the Tourism city specialization.

There are nine rides at your fingertips, plus five concession stands and three entry gates. Your new task is to “master the art of fun” as you try to attract new, happy Sims to your town – and keep ’em there. It’s not as simple as just throwing down rides as you choose, either: Learn the tricks of the trade to get the most tourists into your park (and spending money!).

[img_three]9011,2013-05-16/simcity-6-1.jpg,2013-05-16/simcity-2.jpg,2013-05-16/simcity-3.jpg,(Click to embiggen)[/img_three]

The best thing? The Amusement Park DLC for SimCity is available right now as a digital download, and if you get in quick, there’s a special mayoral special for just $9.99.

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